Super Easy Glowy Makeup Tutorial

Hey cuties! I'm at it again making videos because why not, am I right? I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday. To be completely honest, I was super bored when I got home from school yesterday so I started messing around with makeup and stuck the camera in front of me. I ended up creating this simple, glowy  spring look and I loved it! It's no surpriseI'm no MUA, but I'm 15 and like to do what I can to make myself look at least somewhat presentable, LOL. If I do continue these videos, I am going to keep them very raw and natural so you guys can get to know the real me. I want to be able to connect with you guys because we're all alike! If you're reading this you're clearly into fashion and beauty, meaning we can totally be friends. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you want to see more. In the mean time, check out my Instagram feed @kramerkouture

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