Teenage Skin 101: What You Don't Know About Your Skin

After a recent trip to the dermatologist, I feel like a complete skin care queen (slight exaggeration). Did you know that it takes three weeks for pimples to form?! I def didn't. This means that the whole "I ate so much junk yesterday and now I'm breaking out like crazy!" thing isn't true. Whatever you did three weeks ago is what causes those blemishes that you're blaming from the night before! 

You know what else? Spot treatment should really be applied lightly over your entire face to combat the pimples that are still being formed under the surface of your skin. Squeeze a pea size amount of your favorite spot treatment in the palm of your hand and pick up a little on your finger at a time. Spread a bit of product on your forehead, then cheeks, chin, nose, and what ever is left all over your face. It may not seem like anything is there but trust me, you'll thank this trick later. 

Less is definitely more, unless told otherwise by your skin doctor, start your skin care routine with a cleanser, moisturizer, spot treatment, and toner if you desire. I've rounded up some of the best, and most recommended, drugstore skincare products below. DISCLAIMER: The pictures may be a little blurry due to computer glitches but the link and price to all the products are below as well!


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