Neutrals and Nature

Hey lovelies! I am finally back after what feels like an eternity. If any of you are OG Kramer Kouture readers, than you'll notice that all other posts have vanished. People change over time, and so do their blogs. For my new readers, I am 15 years old and I started my blog when I was 13. As you can imagine, I've changed a lot within those two years. I've entered adolescence with some level of sophistication, if I do say so myself. My style and blog have evolved so much since I first started KK two years ago. I got tired of the same-old same-old so I am looking at this as a refresh. Blogging and fashion once again have my priority, (with the exception of school of course because how am I going to run a fashion empire without an education, duh) and I look forward to sharing my love of style and art with you babes. With that being said, keep reading for a brand new post on a brand new Kramer Kouture!

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