My New Hair!

 As you can see from the title and photos, I dyed my hair! A few weeks ago, a salon in Washington D.C., Immortal Beloved, contacted me asking if I'd be willing to model for an instructional video on their youtube channel and a mini photo shoot, of course I said yes! I had never dyed my hair before but Justine (the one with the gorgeous purple mermaid locks) made me feel super comfortable and Marisa (the one with rocking the hun hair) was super fun to talk to while she was giving me my "hair trend of the season" cut. Since summer is coming up, me and Justine decided to go with a simple ombre and a few blonde highlights. After the dying process, Marisa sat me down and gave me a super chic, lob (long bob) which frames my face perfectly! The whole thing took about four hours and I have to admit, I was nervous! I've never had a camera following me before but the camera man Kevin (as seen in pictures above) made me forget it was there. The whole Immortal Beloved team was a dream to work with.
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