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NYC & Me, Day 3

Day 3 of our New York trip was the most hectic, and coldest, part of our stay. To kick things off, I spent a good hour and a half rolling around in bed procrastinating putting on real pants and facing the  cold a** air. After I managed to leave the hotel room, I speed walked through the "arctic" to an amazing breakfast place called The Cupping Spoon. It wasn't for another two or so hours that my parents and I put on our jackets and gear and faced the wicked winter that stood outside those doors.  Since it was so cold, I didn't get that may pictures this day, but, I am making  a vlog from my trip so you should totally check out my Youtube channel to watch ;)

NYC & Me, Day 2

First thing's first, while I'm writing this in the comfort of my own bed and not some mushy hotel mattress, it saddens me to be back from my glamorous NYC voyage. To kick off our day two adventures, my parents and I went to the highly raved about Louis Vuitton exhibition, which was held in the New York Stock Exchange building! I was absolutely blown away by everything this exhibit had to offer. Every room had its own beautiful story. Keep scrolling for more pictures! Side note: Does a complementary Louis Vuitton pin count as a designer item?

Can you tell how excited I was?

NYC & Me, Day 1

Honey, I'm home! It feels so good to be back in New York City, even if it's only for a few days. For this spur the moment trip, my family and I picked a cute little, and I mean little, hotel in the heart of Soho, called the Solita. The location of the hotel couldn't be anymore perfect, we are squeezed in between more shops than you'd ever imagine. And the food here...uh-mazing. I took some pics of my Day 1 adventures, keep reading to find out more!

The first thing we did once we set our luggage down was depart on the quest for food. When it comes to food, my parents and I don't mess around. It probably only took ten minutes for us to find Emporio, a rustic Italian restaurant with food that was to die for.

Self Reflection, 2017

2017 has been absolutely insane. So much has gone down, many of which I'm thankful for, and some not so much. I'm looking at 2017 as the year of self reconstruction, building myself back up from an unglamorous fall. It seems I've finally developed and come to terms with my own sense of style, which includes lots of black and white. I'm just shy of being half way through my junior year of high school, and all I can say is oy vey. High school has been an amazing experience, but it was junior year that taught me the most. The most important lesson I've learned thus far is that persistence is key, and no matter how stressful and complicated things may be, staying true to yourself is what matters most.

NYC Winter Mood Board

I'm going to New York City (aka the greatest place on earth) for the holidays, and I couldn't be more excited. Every time I go to New York it feels like a refreshing cleanse, does that make sense? New York and Paris are undeniably the most stylish places in the world, and considering that Paris is an ocean away, it's much easier to rejuvenate my fashion palette in the Big Apple, which is only a mere 4 hour journey from my couch. Going to a place as glamorous as the home of Gossip Girl requires a wardrobe as up to date and on trend as the latest issue of Vogue, or the next edition being made as we speak. Mood boards are always so helpful when putting together new outfits, so it was only appropriate to create one for this upcoming trip, after all, who knows who I may run into?
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